LUC Media Group


LUCMG is an online portfolio of artworks by NYC artist and designer LUC and portal for commission of paintings, illustrations and graphic design services.

Our mission is to provide individuals and organizations with unique and powerful visual products that enhance the overall impact of businesses on consumers and in the marketplace.

Since its conception in 2007, LUCMG has provided intricate and powerful creative solutions to several clients including:

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals – 2017

Columbia University Global Center | Paris – 2017

Movies at the Mill, Easton; Film Festival in Easton, Pennsylvania – 2016

Yonit Yermish-Sedano; Author of Moving With Mommy – 2016

FARIA Handbags; owned by Cristina Crisostomo 2014

Compost Garden Store; Founded by Barbara Whiteside in Easton, Pennsylvania – 2012

Anuradha Duggal (PRIVATE COLLECTION) – 2011

Chris Kocek; Behavioral Planning at GSD&M; New York – 2010

Barbara Whiteside-Hinkson (PRIVATE COLLECTION) – 2010

Free Press Books at Simon and Schuster; New York – 2009

Greenfair Oslo; Norway – 2008

New York Organ Donor Network – 2007

Works for clients listed above can be viewed in the LUCMG portfolio. Examples of creative products made by LUC can be viewed in our online gallery and proposals for new projects and pricing requests can be sent directly to us via our contact us page.

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