“ONE” T-Shirt Graphic – 2017


Designed for 2017 National Sales Meeting of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

price  undisclosed  SOLD


Savior Siren Sovereign – 2016

Triptych commissioned by Columbia Global Centers – Europe, for the lobby gallery of their offices in Paris, France.

price  undisclosed  SOLD


Movies at the Mill, Easton – 2016 Poster

MME 2016 Poster Art

Commissioned by MME creator, Gershon F. Hinkson for the 2016 Movies at the Mill film festival in Easton Pennsylvania.

price  $300  SOLD


Moving with Mommy, Child’s Guide to Exercise – 2016

Commissioned by Moving with Mommy author, Yonit Yermish-Sedano, a certified personal trainor and nutritionist in NYC. 18 page illustrated children’s book, for ages 4-6, also geared towards parents who want to learn how to incorporate their children into their exercise routines, while providing colorful, hand-drawn illustrations that get kids excited about Moving with Mommy!

price  $4,000  SOLD


Movies at the Mill, Easton – 2015 Poster

Commissioned by MME creator, Gershon F. Hinkson for the 2015 Movies at the Mill film festival in Easton Pennsylvania.

price  $300  SOLD


Peacock Tattoo Design

This Peacock Tattoo was designed for a young woman who reached out to me in 2010 via my deviant art page  The drawing itself took about 3 days to draw and color in photoshop. She was very pleased.

price  $150  SOLD


August Painting

Barbara Whiteside


Commissioned by Barbara Whiteside for her kitchen at their summer home. (6ft x 4ft)

price $1,000  SOLD


Peacock Stencils

Anuradha Duggal

Commissioned by Anuradha Duggal for her dining room wall at her Chelsea apartment.

price $3,000  SOLD


The Folded Earth Illustrations

Free Press Books – Simon & Schuster

Character sketches for Free Press Books at Simon and Schuster for their Summer Fiction Sampler.

price  undisclosed  SOLD


Shelter Illustrations

Free Press Books – Simon & Schuster

Steps illustrating how to build a shelter for Kindle Fire/Nook/iPad release of Shelter by Frances Greenslade.

price  undisclosed  SOLD


Compost Garden Center Mural

Compost Magnolia

Mural for the front gate of the Compost Garden Center in Easton, Pennsylvania. Magnolia flower is also being used as the logo for the company, as well as on company’s letterhead and stationery. the Magnolia itself has become quite an attraction in the community, adding a bit of glamour to an otherwise quiet side street. (12ft x 5.5ft)

price  $1,500 SOLD


Barbara’s Pears Painting

Barbara's Pears

The piece above was commissioned by a young woman who has an affinity for my artwork, this will make the 6th piece of mine that she owns. In addition to the painting of Apples that hangs in her spacious kitchen she asked for another still life of food to fill the adjacent off-grey wall. Having always been a fan of Vincent Van Gogh’s pears, I decided to attempt my own version and this was the result. (6ft x 2 ft)

price  $300 SOLD


mAttande Logo

mAttande Logo

Concept for “mAttande” logo currently in development for an online blogsite based in Massachusetts.

price $225  SOLD


Spiral Wing Tattoo Design

Spiral Wing Tattoo

price $200  SOLD


Singer, Painter, Poet, Writer Illustrations

Chris Kocek, GSD&M

Several years ago, I helped a young writer named Chris Kocek with his very first children’s book. There were 14 illustrations in all, each more intricate than the last.

price  $350 per illustration SOLD


Album Art

Crimson Catastrophic

Crimson Catastrophic

Final image for Crimson Catastrophic’s album art. Lookout for her new album scheduled to be released later this year!

price  $500  SOLD


Greenfair Oslo

Greenfair Logo

The Greenfair Project started with a visit to Oslo, Norway. Here I met a young man named Christian; a good friend of a colleague of mine. In exchange for a place to crash for a couple of nights, we agreed that I would help him with a logo design for his upcoming project; a technology fair that would take place outdoors and featured/endorsed new products/services/media/technology that were eco friendly and pushed the go green movement.

price  2 night stay in Oslo, Norway



This upcoming historical-fiction novel of mine is set in the Viking age of Norway, as an untold saga of one of the country’s bravest warriors.

Coming Soon


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