Penetrating the NYC Armory Show


Every Spring, something wonderful blooms on Manhattan’s west side. Down in the 50’s, right on the Hudson River, at Piers 92 & 94, huge warehouses are filled with galleries, orignial and sometimes immense, and beautiful artwork and throngs of tens of thousands gather to saturate themselves with the creativity of artists from around the world.

Here you will see some photos taken inside the Vernissage, which for a small fee of $150, can be yours to access the day before the galleries open to the general public, for a less chaotic preview.

It isn’t easy getting into the Armory Show, the lines are long, and the pricetag is pretty serious, but if you are a lover of contemporary and modern art, then you will find yourself surrounded by peers, and highly untraditional artwork, comprised of unique items and media.

However, visiting the Piers and previewing the artwork, is a secret experience that not too many New Yorkers are even aware of. But would it blow your mind further if I told you that the thousands of pieces of priceless artwork that are on display aren’t even the main attraction?!

The real reason behind the pricetag, is because not only does it give you access to the galleries at Piers 92 & 94, but also to the Massive Opening Night Party that happens each year at the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown. Last year they brought in Solange to perform. The crowd with drinks in hand, art in the conversation and the hum of socialites making their rounds all fell silent as Solange took the stage, and as the music began, her voice pelted through the main floor of the MoMA like a knife through water.

If you’re a newbie, try finding the legendary Absinthe Bar, hidden somewhere beyond the VIP section, up the stairs and past the mezzanine, where they will slow drip your green fairy over a cube of sugar before setting it ablaze before your eyes.

If you haven’t been to, or heard of this legendary art fair and uber-stellar party, perhaps you should check it out this year, the Piers will be open from March 6-9, with the preview and opening night party on the 5th. Tickets go for anywhere from $150-$250, the higher end being a VIP ticket, which comes with a whole array of special treatments not afforded to those who buy the standard package.

For more information, check out their website, and perhaps we will see each other there!

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