New Year, New Art, New Post!

LUCMG wishes all our followers a very Happy 2014! Thank you for all your pageviews and commission requests!

It has been a busy year, looking back, we haven’t published a new post since last June, so it is about time we get back into the groove of things.

Over the last few months, I have taken some time to myself for travelling, and have deemd 2013 “The Year I Discovered America,” as I have been to several new parts of this beautiful country in recent travels, including the Pocanos, and New Orleans, and have made much progress with illustrating my upcoming Graphic Novel, and my Historical Fiction work set in Viking Times.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin over Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, and found some incredible architecture and artwork there!

Take A Look –

But the biggest surprise of the trip, was the amazing amount of artwork that my friend’s family had in their own private collection. All amassed by the patriarch of the family; John Van Beckum.

These are just a few –

There is much to be thankful for, including wonderful friends, most of which have gotten married recently, and an amazing partner who I could spend hours on end with.

Looking forward to unleashing my creativity this year, and really pumping out some new work.

Stay Tuned!

LUC home

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