It’s the Journey, Not the Destination

For the past three months I have found myself living out the philosophy of “the journey is what matters, not the destination.”  I do know that wherever I end up I will endure. The next stop on my journey is a relieving return to the city of dreams, New York. I intend to do a few things differently this time around and I mean that. My three months of soul searching in Saint Lucia have been profound. I have accomplished so much of what I came here to do that I have truly come to understand the old cliche´ “everything happens for a reason and nothing before it’s time.”

“Great!” you’re thinking. “Another hippie.” But regardless of what you may believe you have to admit that there is truth to this archaic saying.  I’m full of these one liners these days, they all seem to apply and  can’t be angry at anyone for that.

I’ve been productive, I’ve been patient, I’ve even been a role model in the last few weeks but what can I say, I’ve got that itch, the itch to start it up, to light a fire, to rule the world. Some call me a dreamer, I prefer to think of myself as in tune with the flow of the present and able to sense the direction it will take. For when one loses the ability to presume the future and distances his or herself from the absorption of the past one can truly “be.” With being, comes the ability to map out  the next steps of your day, one by one, until your future becomes your past and you knew exactly what you did to get there.

I do not presume to be a philosopher but I find this has worked well for me and through it I have achieved a higher sense of inner peace which has allowed me the focus necessary to improve both my creativity and my productivity. Mull that one over and put it to use.

In less than a week I will be bound once more for New York City, where I intend to start anew. Many of those I knew in NYC and attempted so wholly to impress have moved on to new cities and I find myself at a turning point in my consciousness where I no longer need to try as hard as I once did, “damn, I must be getting old.” In essence, I can start over from the bottom and work my way back up without worrying about what people think. I know who I am now, I know my strengths and I am ready to build my success without having to justify my worth.

Speaking of knowing my strengths, I recently took the highly regarded “Strengths Finder” test on their website after thoroughly enjoying the book which was given to me by someone very dear to my heart. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning a bit more about what powers they possess and which strengths they use from day to day that will help them attain success. My two favorite personal strengths included  “Woo” and “Command”, which basically give me the ability to walk into a room and get exactly what I want from anyone through charm and finesse. Brilliant.

Follow this link to their website and check it out for yourself:

Clifton Strengths Finder

My journey continues here with no destination in sight and I am finally ok with that.

LUC home

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