At first I thought finding myself would be instant. I would head out into the world and there I would be waving back at myself. I was wrong. After the usual tumultuous adolescence I set off aboard a plane for university. Leaving behind a silver platter life for the “real world”. And bam, it hits you, just like the ton of bricks to the face you were expecting. You mean, no one told you life wasn’t easy? The answer of course was no.

Chez Lucas

Now, 9 years later, I find I have returned home to find the life I left behind still exists in one form or another. Interesting…I asked for leisure and I got it. A break from the harsh reality of New York and time to reflect.

Castries Harbor from Vigie, St. Lucia

As I stood looking out at the bay from my kitchen sink, I thought about the time in my life when I asked for money and I began working. I asked for friendship and it was granted, that’s when it dawned on me, we aren’t even aware of how good life is to us if we just ask. My new discovery is happiness. I figure, if I ask for happiness, it encompasses all of the things I have been asking for individually, thus saving time for all parties involved. Happiness I admit, contains the following ingredients:

Fame: Nothing too flashy but it would be nice to be loved, even if it lasts a day. What I’ve noticed lately, is that fame is much smaller than we thought initially, if I know you’re name and we have never met before; instant fame. So let me clarify this next request.

Friends: I’ll take em all. The good, the bad and the wealthy. Because apart from fans, I’m going to need investors and benefactors. See this is me attempting to be specific.

Fortune: I’ve realized that I haven’t really figured out how to not spend money…therefore, I am going to need it. Out of sheer consideration of the knowledge that I’d be useless without it.

So, St. Lucia, I’m back and ready to step from this stone to the next. After all, everything in life is just a step to the next, a method of growth that needs no explanation. Just the knowledge that we have very limited control and must put our faith that if we set the right aspirations for ourselves, the laws of nature will allow.

View of Castries from Vigie, St. Lucia

Personally, the more I look around today and for the past week I see my home through new eyes and want nothing but the best for it. How can I make that happen? There are so many opportunities for improvement all over the country and I intend on getting involved in a few activities/projects that might be able to put the right gears in motion. Are you ready?

Vigie Beach & Vigie Airport

Think about the favors you ask from God, the Universe, yourself and put some energy into making them happen.

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