I recently met a young pharmaceutical salesman who introduced me to a concept that until recently existed in only an abstract sense. His company helps thousands of people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis by engineering Biologics that produce proteins capable of naturally solving the problem at its source, not just treat the symptoms.

Apparently nature is the way forward.

In a time where technology is taking us so much further into the future than we could have dreamed, sometimes it is nice to think that it will also bring us back to our own source, Mother Earth.

While on the subject of technology and our push for the future, I would like to introduce a very unique and interesting forum for sharing new ideas and advancements in the worlds of science and art.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.

Their discussions and lectures speak to the pioneers of our future, teach us to put hope where its deserved and prepare ourselves for what comes next.

One particular episode on Behavioral Economics really caught my attention and made me consider the statistics that most Americans aren’t saving enough for their futures, not because they don’t want to but because they can’t. Let’s face is expensive.

This state of inertia that the economy has lulled us into has not only taught us the value of money but also the thrills of instant gratification. There are however the exceptions who in the midst of all this unpredictability have learnt to not let go of their money and instead invest it where it is most beneficial, in themselves.

Indeed there are upsides to investing in your dreams, we should all look at the opportunities for profitability around us and take full advantage of the potential for new professional relationships and really use our resources wisely. Investing in ourselves right now is a very good idea. Another lesson I have learnt from TED and something we should all mull over is that we should remember to help our fellow man wherever we can. Reciprocity should not become a forgotten means of success. I recommend looking up the documentary on the life of Dr. Bronner, more commonly referred to as “the soap guy”.

Be inspired to do something toward your dreams today, even if it is as simple as updating your contact list or making a phone call to someone you care about.

Break the spell of inertia that is lingering over us like a dust cloud and refresh your way of thinking.

Small recommendation: Try to see at least one beautiful thing every day. Remind yourself that you are part of this intricately and ornately constructed mass of cells, sharing information with your surroundings and borrowing light/time from the same source. Open yourselves to the potential of the future and wake up from your inertia.

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