Don’t use color when imagining a calm and tranquil place to escape the doldrums of your day. It’s best to keep it clean and simple, in my case I try to think of a place where the sound of water can be heard softly in the distance and the scent of fresh grass offers itself as a cushion for my troubled and tense body. Meditation should definitely be a part of everyone’s daily routine but unlike most teachers of this philosophy I don’t believe it should be structured beyond a designated point in the day that you return to for some peace of mind.

Relaxation is an integral part of a healthy body, slowing the mind can be beneficial to your concentration and your ability to remain calm in the face of stress. Stress, ladies and gentlemen is the enemy here. Beyond its ability to give you body aches and the occasional breakout, it’s also most likely plays the most important role in the development of cancer and other internal catastrophe’s.

In my own unprofessional opinion and in my own experience meditation can come easily within a matter of moments if you can focus your energy in a straight line from the base of your feet through the top of your head. Imagine yourself as a conduit, pulling serenity from the Earth itself and channel it upwards and out into the universe. If you can focus on this cosmic vibration for long enough without interruption you will successfully be able to clear your mind, think in less color and surrender.

Be the wave, roll with it…

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2 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. This was beautiful. “Be the wave, roll with it..” will be my motto today!

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