Year of the Peacock

In a city so admired for its jagged edge it is easy for us to sometimes lose our heads. After nearly a year on the job market without much success, I too am guilty of internalizing my anxiety and feeling frustration bubbling over. Yet even in the midst of chaos I find moments of calm where I can truly appreciate everything that I have accomplished and every opportunity that I have been granted.

Friends to remind me that better days are ahead, loyal agents who have worked so hard to find me work so that I can maintain my expenses and of course those special few who have through the use of their own passions have built me windows to reach for the stars. In a city where communication is key, I have somehow stumbled onto a path towards my dream of being an artist. After years of dancing around the subject and filling my time with routines that tend to crush one’s creativity it has dawned on me, that I should be putting my time to better use.

Returning to the present, I am currently being commissioned to create a series of peacock stencils for an entrepreneur’s Chelsea apartment. That word again, entrepreneur. Fate it seems has a sense of humor. In all my talk of using my time more wisely and personally expanding my efforts to become the artist I’ve always dreamt of being, in walks this lovely young woman with a rich cultural heritage asking me to share my ideal of beauty with her. With pride, I accept.

The business of art is something that I would like to promote freely through this venture of mine, to show all young creatives that with dedication, a massive amount of patience and a decent number of contacts who believe enough in your work to spread the word anything is possible. I would like to take one moment to emphasize that last part, word of mouth as I have mentioned before is the way forward. Of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds, not only must you be very good at what you do, you must also have a following that believes enough in your abilities to recommend you to others without the fear of being disappointed. As a professional, you should not want to be responsible for letting anyone down. Try harder. It can only help.

My most recent experience with “trying harder” comes in the midst of this new project of mine. My good friend Julian Compton, founder of Just Compton Clothing in Toronto, Canada recently reached out to me in search of someone who could help him expand his selection to incorporate more complex articles of clothing that require a pattern maker.

click image for link

Instantly, my friend Cyril Verdavainne came to mind. At 27 Cyril already had his own clothing line on sale at SAKS Fifth Avenue. After a few years of retail madness, he decided to take a step back and relocate his talents to consulting for established brands. With a degree from Parsons Institute and SAKS in his past, I recommended him to JCOM in the hope that they would be able to work together to create something amazing.

Reciprocity is the name of the game, it makes for good karma. I look forward to following up with both of them very soon. I am also looking forward to an upcoming interview with Ms. Line Damgaard Stramer, a lovely young Danish textile designer I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago in NYC. Whilst in Copenhagen she showed me around her studio located in the heart of Christiania; the Williamsburg of Kobenhavn. Her amazing prints blew me away with their almost “Rorschach Test” intricacy and dimensionality. Look out for that article very soon.

click image for link

Indeed 2012 is shaping up to be a year of beauty and accomplishment.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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