Other Side of the Tracks

For as much time as I spend stressing the injustices done to us by today’s economy, it only makes sense that I should also exemplify those of us who are already following our passions. The 20-somethings who got it right from the jump and went with their instincts and are now emerging at the top of their fields.

After nearly a decade in the city of dreams, I have encountered many individuals in more industries than I can count. All of whom I have watched transcend their challenges over the years with honors and have established themselves in this mecha of dynamic activity.

The generation of inbetweeners – waiting for the world to evolve, and it will, out of fear of the future. We will make a change, but in our search of happiness, we should also take the time to be more content with the present and be thankful for every moment.

My dear friend Summer Raehm has taken this philosophy and imprinted it so well onto her life that from the moment I heard mention of a Sandscrit tattoo, I knew that it was destined for me to see; written in the chronicles of my fate many centuries ago.

Ms. Raehm recently came to a similar conclusion that being an entrepreneur was the step toward the future. Through her own unique time in this city of dreams, she has been able to construct such an intricate network of relationships that starting her own Concierge service seemed logical, was it ever.

Summer Raehm

“Word of mouth, ” she pointed out, “that’s the way I like it, quality control is important and I want to give my clients the best, and they expect nothing less from me.”

Now working several demanding gigs, she still found the time to sit with me for an hour at Le Barricou; a rustic, decadently simple french bistro on Grand Street in Williamsburg where she spoke to me about all the pressing topics of her current path in life.

At the end of our meal and several laughs and conversation involving departure from NYC to pursue a possible acting career in California, we paid and walked out into the surprisingly warm winter day and she admitted her happiness with the way things were going. It was here she spoke about the memorable experience of getting her first tattoo with her father.

As she rolled up her sleeve to reveal the all too stunning symbol of an ancient earth,   I felt a sudden calm sweep over me and as she explained its meaning, I understood why.

“Contentment,” she explained to me, “with what we have now.”

I knew exactly what she meant. It was time to change my perspective and focus on all the good things and recognize the true power of my potential.

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