Life’s problems are only as difficult as the complexity of their solutions.

California, Montana, Canada, New Zealand and Saint Lucia; destinations for a few of a growing group of 20-somethings that have decided that life in New York City has changed too much and gotten a bit out of hand. Prices skyrocketing, wages sinking, job market shriveling up and quality of life plummeting, more and more young people are deciding that now is the time to evaporate and move on.

If you’ve ever taken a subway/metro you know all too well how frustrating it is to reach the platform just as your train is pulling out and leaves you waiting for 5,10 even 15 minutes before the next one. Consider the amount of work/creativity you could accomplish in that time on the platform if you had a portable office with you vs. standing there frustrated and running late, feeling the lines in your forehead deepening. That is where this new group of 20-something is aiming for. While the market is rubbish, move somewhere cheaper/freer/with more room to breathe, focus on our ideals for a brief moment and sink our teeth into the future instead of living in this insufferable present where the only means of having fun requires spending money in one way or another.

I acknowledge the fear of the future but choose to see the fork in the road so many of us are coming to instead of shielding my eyes to it and stomping on along the same path. This might actually be the time when our lives speak up for us and silently nudge us towards the right answer.

In a book I just finished reading, supplied by the good people at Free Press Books, I came away with a very interesting paragraph in which the author speaks of returning home after several years of working hard everyday and considered it a life altering/mind altering/spiritual experience that he would never regret. Powerful words.

We should all fear the future, but we should be fighting FOR it, not against it. If our dreams/life goals are speaking to us through signs/inklings/song lyrics, we should all listen.

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