The Current Predicament

Everyday I hear the horror stories. I speak to friends, colleagues, even people in the employment industry, “we’re in hard times.”

Subject A: Male-intelligent-talented-hardworking-unemployed-unhappy

Subject B: Female-intelligent-talented-hardworking-employed-unhappy

Subject C: Male-intelligent-talented-hardworking-employed-unhappy

And by far my favorite:

Subject D:Male/Female-intelligent-talented-hardworking-self employed-happy

The environment today calls for outward thinking. Our day jobs, or lack of them have become our chains, our burdens. Everything falls apart the moment our day jobs begin to sour. We’re all so far off course, so far from our true selves. We often lose touch with our selves when the day gets too long, or stressful, or tiresome but we go on anyway, because of our chains (bills-rent-mortgage-tuition)…when will our chains grow to be so heavy that we can no longer wake up in the morning?

Then there are those of us, who through some act of divine intervention, are given the spark to start something for our selves. Our true selves. It may start out as a pet project, and grow into a thriving source of inspiration to us and perhaps eventually the globe. Who knows, you might just have struck gold.

I would like to give a vote of confidence to my fellow artists and friends by introducing the following websites. Perhaps the new wave of online media.



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