The Advertising Conundrum

Did I ever tell you about how I love/hate the advertising industry, not just ads themselves? How is it that in a world where there are so many ways to reach out to people, ad agencies are still living in the golden age of the 20s? No..I don’t need any of the products you are advertising, but thanks for the 15 second skit between my programming.

In a lot of ways advertisements have entered the realm of entertainment and left their actual purpose behind…it seems that we aren’t the only ones who have journeyed away from ourselves in these austere times.

In college, I took several advertising courses, mirrored by their PR counterparts, each professor tried their darndest to teach us the ethical use of the gifts they were bestowing but never quite came to an agreement on which of the two was more effective. After 4 years of debating, I decided that advertising was powerful, visual and indeed entertaining which for several decades filled the gap between programs and in the hearts of consumers around the world, but times have changed and so has the consumer.

However, I did not take the side of advertising, “too easy” I thought. I decided to go with the equally powerful notion of Public Relations was king. You see, with PR…not only can you get the word out, you can get powerful people who have the trust of their consumers to endorse your product or business, throw in a personal sob story in which you came through for them, make it emotional and reach out to each diverse target genre uniquely. “Yes” I thought, “this has me written all over it.”

That is why I have decided to not only make my blog about art, and the art world, but also about fellow artists who are making their way into the light right now and who could use a bit of help building their platforms. My professors always said that Advertising and PR worked best as a team, PR builds the platform, gains the audience’s attention and credibility then Advertising comes in and blows it all out of the water by making you accessible to the masses. Symbiosis, that’s just nature.

Take a look at the following link to find an interesting article about the mistakes of large companies relying too heavily on one aspect of marketing and not the others.


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