Loss/Recovery vs. Supply/Demand

Fortunately/unfortunately; the market changes daily. We live our lives in complete sync to this fact. If one person’s life can change dramatically from one day to the next, just as a company’s perception can change based on the life of one person it is no wonder that times are as unique as they are right now.

So many individual people are living so far outside of themselves in today’s market that it seems the greatest campaign of all to reach out to them would be a return to the self.

As a New Yorker, I can tell you that for the nearly ten years that I’ve lived in the city, I have spent a great portion of it trying to find out just who I am. At first I was lost, then college, then the working world. Nothing seemed to get any easier when the bills all took my last name, in fact if this is marriage, I shake my head at it. So I found myself working in an industry that I could barely justify, learning the ins and outs of commercial real estate for three too many years.

Then it hit me…and the rest of the world; RECESSION, and boy did it sting. But as I dipped my fingers every month into my shiny blue piggybank on the corner of Park and 59th, or the one down the block from my apartment and yes even the one in the Duane Reade Pharmacy and watched my IRA slowly disappear, I had hope that I was recession proof. Half a year later…I suppose I’m getting better at it, more like recession repellent, but only up to a certain depth.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized, this was exactly what I needed. Time to work on my artwork, time to write again, time to focus on my goals. Goals that for 3 years were put on hold. So I began the journey back to myself.

And in this market, where everyone I know is disatisfied with their lives in one way or another, I say life is too short and we dont get to use enough of it.

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