A Socially Responsible Film for the Future

Set in London, this film began as a pet project for writer/director Gershon Hinkson who had the idea to not only create a unique story about grade-school bullying but to begin a movement to shed light on an issue that has for so long been overlooked.

The days of mean girl teenagers are a thing of the past, the future generation as I’m sure you’ve all noticed has matured a bit faster than we did at their age and along with the benefits that brings also come the issues and conflict. In recent months the world as a whole has taken notice of this previously ignored crisis and begun to put measures in place to address it.

In a modern world where everyday life wouldn’t be the same without a trip or two to facebook/myspace/twitter..or even personal blogs, bullying has reared an ugly head and removed itself somewhat from the classroom and installed itself quietly into wall posts and status updates.

The fact that this filmmaker has used his creativity/talent/passion to bring this piece of art into the world selflessly to bring awareness to a serious issue inspires me and I want to commend him on his efforts and share his short film with as many people as I can. Thank you Mr. Hinkson, for illustrating my point that Art can be used as a great way for organizations to give back to their communities and help their fellow man.

Follow the link below to view the trailer for The Turtle & The Nightingale and check out the Igneous Features website for information on previous and upcoming work.



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