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Several years ago, my brother and his wife and their young daughter decided that New York City was no place to raise a family and moved to the almost fairytale-esque town of Easton, Pennsylvania. The town itself lies about an hour and a half west of the city and I visit often to say the least. My sister-in-law likes to call their home my “summer house”. True, I do spend an awful lot of time there during the summers, after all it is where I have my easel, paints and the best light I could have ever hoped to find.

Soon after they moved in my sister-in-law decided that I would have to paint a mural on the front and back doors, something that would be easily recognized and would brighten up the street. Something that she wouldn’t regret later, something that to this day has become almost the family brand, known by everyone in the town as a symbol of her aesthetic, entrepreneurial and often times just plain clever investing skills.

Now I have painted a third Magnolia on a recent purchase of theirs, a large plot of land about 25 feet from their front door where I spent most of last summer helping them build a secret garden behind a 12 foot tall wooden gate on which the new magnolia flower sits. And so it will continue, when the next property is purchased, you can be sure there will be a magnolia there as well..after all, brand recognition is very important to any business.

Below is a link to the very successful Compost Garden Store in Easton, PA.

link Your Compost

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