·20230904 A mitochondrial EglN1-AMPKα axis drives breast cancer progression by enhancing metabolic adaptation to hypoxic stress 2023-09-05
·20230727 Enhancement of the viability of T cells electroporated with DNA via osmotic dampening of the DNA-sensing cGAS-STING pathway 2023-07-31
·20230725 Fatty acid synthesis and oxidation regulate human endoderm differentiation by mediating SMAD3 nuclear localization via acetylation 2023-07-31
·20230713 STING is a cell-intrinsic metabolic checkpoint restricting aerobic glycolysis by targeting HK2 2023-07-31
·20230701 SCML2 contributes to tumor cell resistance to DNA damage through regulating p53 and CHK1 stability 2023-07-14
·20230523 Gut AstA mediates sleep deprivation-induced energy wasting in Drosophila 2023-05-25
·20230519 ERK and USP5 govern PD-1 homeostasis via deubiquitination to modulate tumor immunotherapy 2023-05-23
·20230502 Macrophages maintain mammary stem cell activity and mammary homeostasis via TNF-α-PI3K-Cdk1/Cyclin B1 axis 2023-05-04
·20230424 A desert lncRNA HIDEN regulates human endoderm differentiation via interacting with IMP1 and stabilizing FZD5 mRNA 2023-04-26
·20230404 The CEP170B-KIF2A complex destabilizes microtubule minus ends to generate polarized microtubule network 2023-04-21
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