Bing Wu

Bing Wu, PhD

Professor, Principal Investigator

Medical Research Institute

Wuhan University


Research Areas:

Study T cell biology under normal and pathological conditions


Representative Publications:

1.       Wu, B., Zhang S., Guo Z., Bi Y., Zhou M., Li P., Seyedsadr M., Xu X., Li J., Markovic-Plese S., Wan YY (2021). The TGF-b superfamily cytokine Activin-A is induced during autoimmune neuroinflammation and drives pathogenic Th17 cell differentiation. Immunity. 54, 308-323 e306.

2.       Wu, B#., Zhang G#., Guo Z., Wang G., Xu X., Li J., Whitmire JK., Zheng J., Wan YY. 2020. The SKI proto-oncogene restrains the resident CD103+CD8+ T cell response in viral clearance. Cellular and Molecular Immunology (#co-first author)

3.       Wu B*., Wan Y*. (2020) Molecular control of pathogenic Th17 cells in autoimmune diseases.  International Immunopharmacology. 80:106187. (*Co-corresponding author)

4.       Wu, B., Zhang, S., Guo, Z., Wang, G., Zhang, G., Xie, L., Lou, J., Chen, X., Wu, D., Bergmeier, W., Zheng J., Wan YY. (2018). RAS P21 Protein Activator 3 (RASA3) Specifically Promotes Pathogenic T Helper 17 Cell Generation by Repressing T-Helper-2-Cell-Biased Programs.  Immunity. 49, 886-898 e885.

5.       Wu B#, Wang Y#, Wang C, Wang GG, Wu J, Wan YY. 2016. BPTF Is Essential for T Cell Homeostasis and Function. Journal of immunology 197:4325-4333. (#co-first author)

6.       Wu B, Geng S, Bi Y, Liu H, Hu Y, Li X, Zhang Y, Zhou X, Zheng G, He B, Wang B. 2015. Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Suppresses the Function of Lung Dendritic Cells via Caveolin-1. Clinical and vaccine immunology: CVI 22:883-895.

7.       Wu B, Zou Q, Hu Y, Wang B. 2013. Interleukin-22 as a molecular adjuvant facilitates IL-17-producing CD8+ T cell responses against a HBV DNA vaccine in mice. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics 9:2133-2141.

8.       Guo, Z., Wang, G., Wu, B., Chou, W.C., Cheng, L., Zhou, C., Lou, J., Wu, D., Su, L., Zheng, J., et al. (2020). DCAF1 regulates Treg senescence via the ROS axis during immunological ageing. The Journal of clinical investigation. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 10.1172/JCI136466.

9.       Yu W, Geng S, Suo Y, Wei X, Cai Q, Wu B, Zhou X, Shi Y, Wang B. 2018. Critical role of regulatory T cells in the latency and stress-induced reactivation of HSV-1. Cell reports 25 (9), 2379-2389. e3

10.   Zhang, S., Takaku, M., Zou, L., Gu, A.D., Chou, W.C., Zhang, G., Wu, B., Kong, Q., Thomas, S.Y., Serody, J.S., et al. (2017). Reversing SKI-SMAD4-mediated suppression is essential for TH17 cell differentiation. Nature 551, 105-109.

11.   Zou Q, Wu B, Xue J, Fan X, Feng C, Geng S, Wang M, Wang B. 2014. CD8+ Treg cells suppress CD8+ T cell-responses by IL-10-dependent mechanism during H5N1 influenza virus infection. European journal of immunology 44:103-114.


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