Jun-Jie Zhang


Professor, Principle Investigator

Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University





JunJie Zhang, PhD


2001-2005 B.A., School of Life Sciences, Peking University, China  

2005-2011 PhD,Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Professional Experience:

2011-2018 Postdoctoral Researcher

                  Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology,

                  University of Southern California, USA

2018- Now Professor

                   Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University, China


Research Areas:

Herpesvirus infection, pathogenesis, oncogenesis, antiviral immunity, oncolytic virotherapy


Selected Publications:

1. Zhang L, Jiang C, Zhong Y, Sun K, Jing H, Song J, Xie J, Zhou Y, Tian M, Zhang C, Sun X, Wang S, Cheng X, Zhang Y, Wei W, Li X, Fu B, Feng P, Wu B, Shu HB, Zhang J*. (2023) STING is a cell-intrinsic metabolic checkpoint restricting aerobic glycolysis by targeting HK2. Nature Cell Biology 25: 1208–1222.

2. Tian X, Zhou Y, Wang S, Gao M, Xia Y, Li Y, Zhong Y, Xu W, Bai L, Fu B, Zhou Y, Lee HR, Deng H, Lan K, Feng P, Zhang J*. (2023) Genome-Wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screen Identifies SMCHD1 as a Restriction Factor for Herpesviruses. mBio 14: e0054923.

3. Xie J, Wang S, Zhong Y, Gao M, Tian X, Zhang L, Pan D, Qin Q, Wu B, Lan K, Sun ZJ*, Zhang J*. (2023) Oncolytic herpes simplex virus armed with a bacterial GBP1 degrader improves antitumor activity. Molecular Therapy-Oncolytics 29: 61-76.

4. Su W, Qiu W, Li SJ, Wang S, Xie J, Yang QC, Xu J, Zhang J*, Xu Z*, Sun ZJ*. (2022) A Dual-Responsive STAT3 Inhibitor Nanoprodrug Combined with Oncolytic Virus Elicits Synergistic Antitumor Immune Responses by Igniting Pyroptosis. Advanced Materials 35: e2209379.

5. Sun X, Liu T, Zhao J, Xia, H, Xie J, Guo Y, Zhong L, Li M, Yang Q, Peng C, Rouvet I, Belot A, Shu HB, Feng P*, Zhang J* (2020). DNA-PK deficiency potentiates cGAS-mediated antiviral innate immunity. Nature communications 11 (1): 6182.

6. Zhang J, Zhao J, Xu S, Li J, He S, Zeng Y, Xie L, Xie N, Liu T, Lee K, Seo GJ, Chen L, Stabell AC, Xia Z, Sawyer SL, Jung JU, Huang C, Feng P (2018). Species-specific deamidation of cGAS by herpes simplex virus UL37 protein facilitates viral replication. Cell Host&Microbe 24(2): 234-248. (Highlighted by Science Signaling

7. Zhang J, Feng H, Zhao J, Feldman ER, Chen S, Yuan W, Huang C, Akbari O, Tibbetts SA, and Feng P (2016). IkappaB Kinase epsilon Is an NFATc1 Kinase that Inhibits T Cell Immune Response. Cell Reports 16: 405-418.

8. Zhang J*, Feng H, Xu S, Feng P (2016). Hijacking GPCRs by viral pathogens and tumor. Biochem Pharmacol 114: 69-81. (Review)

9. Zhang J*, Tian M, Xia Z, Feng P (2016). Roles of IκB kinase ε in the innate immune defense and beyond. Virologica Sinica 31(6): 457-465. (Review)

10. Zhang J, Zhu L, Lu X, Feldman ER, Keyes LR, Wang Y, Fan H, Feng H, Xia Z, Sun J, Jiang T, Gao S, Tibbetts SA, and Feng P (2015). Recombinant Murine Gamma Herpesvirus 68 Carrying KSHV G Protein-Coupled Receptor Induces Angiogenic Lesions in Mice. PLoS Pathogens 11:e1005001.

11. Zhang J, He S, Wang Y, Brulois K, Lan K, Jung JU, and Feng P (2015). Herpesviral G protein-coupled receptors activate NFAT to induce tumor formation via inhibiting the SERCA calcium ATPase. PLoS Pathogens 11:e1004768.

12. Minassian A#, Zhang J#, He S, Zhao J, Zandi E, Saito T, Liang C, and Feng P (2015). An Internally Translated MAVS Variant Exposes Its Amino-terminal TRAF-Binding Motifs to Deregulate Interferon Induction. PLoS Pathogens 11:e1005060.

13. Zhang J, Liu T, Tong X, Li G, Yan J, Ye X. Identification of novel virus inhibitors by influenza A virus specific reporter cell based screening (2011). Antiviral Research 93:48-54.

14. Zhang J, Li G, Ye X. Cyclin T1/CDK9 interacts with influenza A virus polymerase and facilitates its association with cellular RNA polymerase II (2010). Journal of Virology 84:12619-27.

15. Zhang J, Li G, Liu X, Wang Z, Liu W, Ye X. Influenza A virus M1 blocks the classical complement pathway through interacting with C1qA (2009). Journal of General Virology 90:2751-8.

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