Li Wang, Ph.D.

Professor of Medical Research Institute, Frontier Science Center for Immunology and Metabolism, Wuhan University

Tel: 027-68750095


Education and Training

  1.  10/2020-Present Professor

  2.  06/2018-09/2020 Research Associate

        McAllister Heart Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, US

  3.   06/2013-06/2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate

        McAllister Heart Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, US

  4.   07/2006 – 07/2012 Ph.D. student

        Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

   5.  09/2002 – 06/2006 Two B.S degrees majoring in Biotechnology and English

         College of Life Sciences, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, China  

Research Areas:

Direct reprogramming for heart repair and regeneration

Selected Publications:

  1. Wang L, Ma H, Huang P, Xie Y, Near D, Wang H, Xu J, Yang Y, Xu Y, Garbutt T, Zhou Y, Liu Z, Yin C, Bressan M, Taylor JM, Liu J, Qian L. Down-regulation of Beclin1 promotes direct cardiac reprogramming. Science Translational Medicine, 2020 12;566


  2. Wang, L., Huang, P., Near, D., Ravi, K., Xu, Y., Yin, C., Liu, J. and Qian, L. Isoform Specific Effects of Mef2C during Direct Cardiac Reprogramming. Cells, 2020 9(2):268


  3. Liu Z*., Wang L.*, Welch J.*, Ma H., Zhou Y., Vaseghi H.R., Yu S., Wall J.B., Alimohamadi S., Zheng M., Yin C., Shen W., Prins J., Liu J.and Qian L. (2017) Single-cell transcriptomics reconstructs fate conversion from fibroblast to cardiomyocyte. Nature, 551(7678):100-104. * Equal contribution


  4. Wang L. *, Liu Z. *, Yin C., Asfour H., Chen O., Li Y., Bursac N., Liu J. and Qian L. (2015) Stoichiometry of Gata4, Mef2c and Tbx5 influences the efficiency and quality of iCM reprogramming. Circ Res. 116, 237-244. * Equal contribution. (Editor’s Pick; highlighted on cover; Previewed in Muraoka et al., Circ Res, 116:216-218.)


  5. Zhou Y.*, Liu Z.*, Welch J.D., Gao X., Wang L., Garbutt T., Keepers B., Ma H., Prins J.F., Shen W., Liu J. and Qian L. (2019) Singe cell transcriptomic analyses of cell fate transitions during human cardiac reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell. 25(1), 149-164.


  6. Huang P., Wang L., Li Q., Tian X., Xu J., Xu J., Xiong Y., Chen G., Qian H., Jin C., Yu Y., Cheng K., Qian L. #, Yang Y. # (2019) Atorvastatin Enhances the Therapeutic Efficacy of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived Exosomes in Acute Myocardial Infarction via Up-regulating Long Non-coding RNA H19. Cardiovascular Research. May 22. pii: cvz139. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvz139.


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  9.   Zhou Y., Wang L., Vaseghi H., Liu Z., Lu R., Alimohamadi S., Yin C., Fu J., Wang G.G., Liu J. and Qian L. (2016) Bmi1 is a key epigenetic barrier to direct cardiac reprogramming.

        C ell Stem Cell 18(3), 382-395. (Highlighted and discussed in the June 2nd issue of Cell Stem Cell 18(6), 692-694 “First Author Journal Club: 2016 Selections”)

  10. Wang L., Liu Z., Yin C., Zhou Y., Liu J. and Qian L. (2015) Improved generation of induced cardiomyocytes using a polycistronic construct expressing optimal ratio of

        Gata4, Mef2c and Tbx5. J Vis Exp. (105), e53426

   11. Wang L, Qian L. miR-24 regulates intrinsic apoptosis pathway in mouse cardiomyocytes. (2014) PLoS One. 15; 9(1):e85389.


   12. Wang, L.*, Li, Q.*, Wu, L., Liu S., Zhang Y., Yang X., Zhu P., Zhang H., Zhang, K., Lou J., Liu P., Tong L., Sun, F., and Fan, Z. (2013) Identification of SERPINB1 as a

         physiological inhibitor of human granzyme H. Journal of Immunology, 190, 1319-1330. * Equal contribution. (Highlighted by the same issue: keeping granzyme H in check)


    13. Wang, L., Zhang, K., Wu, L., Liu, S., Zhang, H., Zhou, Q., Tong, L., Sun, F., and Fan, Z. (2012) Structural insights into the substrate specificity of human granzyme H: the functional roles of a novel RKR motif. Journal of Immunology,188, 765-773.



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