General Office

Wei Peng B.Sc.

Head of General Office

Administrative, financial & public affairs

Tel: 86-27-68750205   E-mail:

Wenli Zhang M.A.

Deputy head of General Office

Human resource and talent recruitment

Tel: 86-27-68750109   E-mail:

Academic Service Office

Min Guo PhD

Head of Academic Service Office

Postgraduate recruitment and education

Tel: 86-27-68750006   E-mail:

Jun Wu M.A.


Financial and international affairs

Tel: 86-27-68759675   E-mail:

Yutianzi Liu PhD


Postgraduate and scientific research affairs

Tel: 86-27-86654869   E-mail:

Core Facility

Ying Liu MD/PhD

Head of Core Facility

Daily operation and coordination

Tel: 86-27-68750216   E-mail:

Jing Jing PhD


Equipment operation and maintenance

Tel: 86-27-68750218     E-mail:

Lab Animal Center

Sicong Ma M.Sc.


Daily operation and management; equipment maintenance

Tel: 86-27-68759802    E-mail:

Wenhao Xu M.Sc.


Mouse gene editing, cryopreservation and recovery, pathogen-free mouse rederivation

Tel: 86-27-68750050    E-mail:

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Contact address: Donghu Road, No. 115, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R. China. 430071

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